to grow high quality, organic, High-CBD hemp.
Our Mission
Broad Array of Hemp-based CBD Products
Growing the finest quality, all-natural hemp.
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Our Mission: Quality, Conscientious, Organic Farming

BioAffinity Farms believes in providing the finest wholesale hemp through a Healthy Soil Ecosystem with the ongoing goal that we will exceed standards for quality and consistency while delivering unprecedented customer satisfaction.

We continuously implement rigorous quality control and testing procedures to assure all our customers are receiving the highest quality hemp. BioAffinity Farms is a proud member of the Illinois Hemp Growers Association (IHGA).


Our Vision: The Finest Quality, Grown Naturally

BioAffinity means “Love Life.” That philosophy guides us in our commitment to grow the finest quality, all-natural hemp. Accordingly, we only use high-quality organic nutrients when growing our hemp. We never have and never will use petrochemical or synthetic fertilizers or herbicides.

Hemp Basics

  • The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp
  • Hemp is now legally grown in several states across the US.
  • Hemp is believed to be used in 25,000 products
  • Hemp is NOT Marijuana

BioAffinity Farms’ Highlights

  • Founded in 2019, shortly after Illinois passed the Industrial Hemp Act
  • No pesticides, No herbicides
  • We use natural, organic fertilizers and nutrients
  • We offer high CBD hemp flower and biomass for consumption & extraction

How Does CBD Work?


Cannabidiol is one of over a hundred compounds found the cannabis plant called cannabinoids. One of those hundred-plus is THC, which is the molecule that makes marijuana notorious for inducing a high like symptoms. However, CBD is not an intoxicant. All of our industrial hemp contains less than .3% delta 9.

Hemp is believed to be used in over 25,000 products throughout the world. People are turning to CBD, succinct for cannabidiol, as a more natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Many people also ingest cannabidiol to handle conditions like comprehensive anxiety disorders, OCD, panic disorder, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

There is an outpouring of enthusiasm in the medical market. For example, natural skin care products with high CBD hemp flowers are becoming popular because of the potential health benefits they provide without the chemicals most derma-care manufacturers use.

Its unique healthy properties have been observed—long before fully understanding the chemical characteristics of CBD. Hemp extract is rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, and CBG. We seek to produce the highest quality hemp possible for personal consumption and extraction. Many new medical studies currently suggest that ingesting high potency full-spectrum cannabinoids (25-50mg daily) may help assist the endocannabinoid system in promoting homeostasis and assisting the body to operate at an optimal level.

Our Farming Methods, A Healthy Soil Ecosystem

BioAffinity Farms uses no pesticides or herbicides. We use only natural, organic fertilizers and nutrients We believe the organic matter improves the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients, releasing them as needed by hemp plants. It feeds the microorganisms, which in turn make nutrients available to our plants, as well as improve the soil structure. BioAffinity Farms conscientiously utilizes best management practices to raise the finest quality industrial hemp grown in Northern Illinois.