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No Pesticides.
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Northern Illinois Based Hemp Farming Company
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Innovation Flourishes Here at BioAffinity Farms


BioAffinity Farms uses no pesticides nor herbicides. We use only natural, organic fertilizers and nutrients. We believe the organic matter improves the soil’s capacity to hold water and nutrients, releasing them as needed by our hemp plants. BioAffinity Farms believes by providing the finest wholesale hemp through a Healthy Soil Ecosystem, learn more about us and our mission here.

As demand for hemp increases worldwide, we as farmers believe that our hemp strains allow us to maximize the farm’s productivity today while building a sustainable future for our land, business, and the many processors who need our quality crops.

Our True North

BioAffinity Farms has a simple guiding philosophy: Is this good for our customers? Our Mission & Vision is our True North! We take pride that our hemp strains are all adapted to the unique soils and climates of Northern Illinois. Together with our best practices of natural, organic fertilizers and nutrients, we are creating an individual marketplace for our customers. Learn more about our products here.

A Wholesale Focused Company

BioAffinity Farms is a Wholesale-Focused Company founded on the principle of bringing our environmentally and socially responsible business practices forward, which allows us to fulfill our company’s purpose of providing quality hemp that meets the needs of our customers today, tomorrow and well in the future.

Environmental Responsibility

We will concientiously strive to improve our crops, lighten our footprint and add good into the world through the use of our high-quality CBD hemp flower. All our of hemp is accompanied by a certificate of analysis from an accredited certified third party laboratory which certifies that our industrial hemp will not contain more than 0.3% THC. You can view these lab results here.


The Road Ahead

While the existing pre-clinical data, as well as results from experimental human trials and case studies, strongly support CBD as an effective alternative treatment for many illnesses and disorders, there is still a lot to be learned from new data and empirical evidence.

Science is undoubtedly progressing forward with the study of CBD and its applications, but there is a long road of exploration and discovery ahead. Several studies are looking at how people ingest cannabidiol to handle conditions like comprehensive anxiety disorders, OCD, panic disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Efficacy of CBD

Clinical research into CBD is expanding rapidly and becoming extensive and intensive. These studies have displayed a broad spectrum of findings, ranging from the treatment of severe medical disorders such as schizophrenia to tobacco dependency. We believe in the efficacy of CBD, and by offering high CBD hemp flower and biomass, the need for our supply and the demand for our harvest will provide a quality product at wholesale prices specifically created by us for you, our customer.